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Reports & Statistics

Reports & Statistics

The rail corridor connecting Concord, Manchester, Nashua and Boston is known as the New Hampshire Capitol Corridor.  In February 2015, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, in cooperation with the New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority,completed a study of the corridor to evaluate passenger rail service and other transit alternatives such as express bus service. The study results indicate that rail expansion would have the potential to have a transformative impact on New Hampshire's economy. According to the study, rail expansion would lead to job creation, commercial and residential real estate growth, and millions of dollars in reinvested worker earnings. 

According to the analysis, the Manchester Regional Rail alternative serving two stations in Nashua, one in downtown Manchester and one at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport would offer the greatest economic benefit with moderate construction investment.

This alternative would draw an average of 668,000 weekday riders a year, with the potential to generate more than 3,600 new residential units and nearly two million square feet of commercial space supporting 5,600 permanent jobs by the year 2030.

Approximately 230 jobs would be created for the construction of the rail line and an additional 3,390 construction jobs would be created to build the real estate development generated by rail. Beginning in 2030, 1,730 new jobs would be created every year due to the expansion of passenger rail.  Real estate development would add $750 million to the state’s output between 2021 and 2030, with reinvested earnings adding $220 million per year beyond 2030.

The service development plan and environmental assessment of the selected alternative will ead to the next phases of the project: detailed financial planning, engineering, and preparation of funding applications.  Once these are complete, construction of station, track and other improvements can take place, with service beginning in 2020.

Detailed information about the status of the New Hampshire Capitol Corridor project as well as maps, ridership projections, and meeting presentations can be found at the study website,