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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority (NHRTA) was established in 2007 and is tasked with encouraging and overseeing the redevelopment of passenger rail services throughout New Hampshire with an initial emphasis on the NH Capitol Corridor.

The NHRTA is administratively attached to the New Hampshire Department of Transportation and consists of a governance board that takes guidance from an advisory board comprised of broad based membership from 14 cities and towns, 9 regional planning commissions, the NH College and University Council, the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport and three members appointed by the governor.

Governance Board
Michael P. Izbicki – Chair
Dan O’Neil – Vice Chair
David J. Preece – Secretary
Anne Struthers
George Sykes
Patrick Herlihy

Advisory Board
David J. Preece, Chair
Dan Kelly. Vice Chair
Thomas J. Mahon, Secretary
Rob Nadler
Will Craig
Bob Jaffin
Victoria Parmele - Alternate
Dan Barufaldi
Thomas R Horgan
Jonathan Edwards
Rep. Dale Sprague
Stanley Prescott
Mike Tardiff - Alternate
Nancy Larson
Tim Moore
Tim Roache
Jen Czysz - Alternate
Malcolm Taylor
Bob Hall
Stephen Pesci
Carlos Baia
Ted Starkweather
Mark Brewer