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Attract Young Talent

Attract Young Talent

New Hampshire’s demographics are shifting at alarming rate. According to research from the NH Center for Public Policy Studies, the working age population (age 20 to 64) will decrease 7.3% in the next 20 years and the percentage of population age 65 and older is set to double in every county in that amount of time.

These demographic trends will impact all aspects of our economy, from healthcare to housing and education. Already, this lack of in-migration and aging workforce is having a negative impact on employers who are unable to attract young, talented professionals. Desperate to attract tech-savvy workers, Dyn, a Manchester-based technology firm, has developed programs to prepare high school students for careers in science and technology.

For New Hampshire to sustain its growth and secure its future, the state needs to continue to find ways to attract and retain younger talent. New Hampshire is home to a growing playing field of high tech companies, start-ups, and manufacturing companies, such as Dyn, BAE Systems and DEKA. For these companies to continue to grow and prosper right here in New Hampshire, they need access to younger, highly-educated professionals. That means the state needs to be able retain its homegrown young talent, while at the same time drawing on Boston’s vast talent pool. An expanded rail system can make that connection.

New Hampshire has long been plagued by difficulties in retaining younger, highly-educated professionals, and rail expansion can help reverse that trend in a significant way. Expanded passenger rail would serve to connect the talented young professionals from Boston and its suburbs with the growing and increasingly vibrant business community in southern New Hampshire. With rail in the mix, and thus easy access to New Hampshire, young professionals would view the Granite State as viable place to live, work and build their careers. Rail can be a key factor in building an employee base that will attract new businesses and grow existing ones in New Hampshire.