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Access to Jobs

Access to Jobs

According to a report from NH Employment Security, more than 80,000 Granite Staters commute to Massachusetts for work. Home to the world’s leading colleges and universities, not to mention an equally impressive array of businesses, including Fortune 500, biotech and high-tech companies, Boston is the region’s leading employment center.

Boston has long been, and will continue to be a major draw for New Hampshire workers. But with more than 70 miles of congested highways between Concord and Boston along the New Hampshire Capitol Corridor, workers might be hesitant to try to commute from New Hampshire to Boston, even if they are intrigued by New Hampshire’s low cost of living, public safety and beautiful outdoor spaces.  But an expanded rail system makes that option all the more viable.

Rail provides existing and future New Hampshire residents with access to jobs in greater Boston, enabling residents to commute from southern New Hampshire, while returning money to New Hampshire. Instead of sitting in traffic on Interstate 93 or Route 3, workers can hop on a train and never have to worry about spotting the mass of brake lights on the road ahead. Instead they can relax, read a book, or open up their laptop and get to work—compared to driving, riding a train creates more productive time for people each day.

Rail also provides New Hampshire businesses with access to talented individuals living in greater Boston. By creating an efficient mode of transportation, professionals of all ages can easily access New Hampshire’s job market, unencumbered by the thought of an unproductive “reverse commute.” Further, expanding rail along the corridor will breed economic development and thus jobs requiring a workforce.

New Hampshire consistently scores extremely high as one of the best places to live in the country. With expanded rail, New Hampshire not only becomes a better place to live.  An expanded rail system allows families and individuals to enjoy all the wonderful benefits of New Hampshire, while also providing them with an efficient transit option for accessing Boston’s bustling jobs market. It also expands New Hampshire’s economic prospects and draws talented professionals into the state.